Why should you register your café?

Register your café so people looking for a café and other café organizers can find you and your café’s website on our map. By putting your café on the map, you’ll also be able to access the Grow a Café section of this site, which includes more detailed advice, tips, and fresh ideas.


To Create a New Account:

Step 1: Enter a valid email address and choose a username/password.
Step 2: Once you submit we'll send you an email with an activation link that will unlock your account.
Step 3: Enter all your café's location information to quickly and easily add it to our map.


If Your Café is Already on the Map (check here):

Step 1: Register (again) and create a username and password
Step 2: Send your new username and name of your café to novaeducation@wgbh.org
Step 3: Begin editing your café profile once you receive an email confirmation from us that your café and account have been linked.