Welcome to the Cosmic Café resource guide. To the left are resources to help you run a Science Café focused on cosmic themes: how the universe works and on what physics, quantum mechanics, astronomy, and cosmology tell us about reality and…ourselves.

Cosmic Cafés are inspired by NOVA’s series The Fabric of the Cosmos. This four-part series uses space and time as windows on the epic quest to understand how nature really works. By demystifying important physical concepts, we learn how scientists have discovered a world more fantastic than our senses alone could perceive.

To watch the series online, play with time and space interactives, listen to podcasts, and more, visit the Fabric of the Cosmos website.  If you have watched the series, tell us what you think by completing this survey: 

How can you get involved?

1. Host a Cosmic Café

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2. Speak at a Cosmic Café

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