Use themes to get the conversation going.

Each themed café provides background resources, discussion questions, videos, and more to help you focus the conversation in your café.

Featured Themed Café:

Rock the Café 

Geology and earth science-themed cafés: In association with NOVA's upcoming 3-part series, Making North America (airing Fall 2015), we're introducing Rock the Caféa national Science Café campaign to promote conversations on current topics in geology, geophysics, and the earth sciences. Rock the Café events can draw inspiration from Making North America, which takes viewers on a journey through the 3-billion-year geological history of the North American continent, raising numerous questions such as "How did our spectacular mountain ranges form? Can we predict earthquakes? Where did our vast oil resources come from?" and "What is the future of fossil-based vs. newewable energies?"  Coastal erosion, fracking, mineral extraction, paleontology, climate change—the topics in earth science are endless and the public's curiosity about them is boundless.

Let us know TODAY if you're considering earth science cafés this fall (October through December). To liven up your cafés, NOVA has produced a set of four geology-themed coasters and Making North America t-shirts for you to giveaway at Rock the Café events. Please order your coasters and t-shirts today by filling out this Google form. Have ideas or questions about Rock the Café events? Email us!  Stay tuned for more resources to help you run Rock the Café events. 


Innovation Cafés

Innovation Cafés is the national Science Café campaign inspired by Making Stuff with David Pogue!

Cosmic Cafés

Inspired by NOVA's The Fabric of the Cosmos Series, these resources will help you run your Cosmic Café—a Science Café focused on cosmic themes: how the universe works and on what physics, quantum mechanics, astronomy, and cosmology tell us about reality and…ourselves.

Finding Life Beyond Earth Cafés

The following resources will help you run your Finding Life Beyond Earth Café—a Science Café focused on answering the question "Are we alone in the universe?"

These resources are based on NOVA's program Finding Life Beyond Earth, 

BioEthics Cafés

These cafés can draw upon NOVA's “Cracking Your Genetic Code,” a program examining vital issues for medical professionals and their patients alike—issues affecting all of us.

Element Cafés

These cafés can draw inspiration and clips from NOVA's “Hunting the Elements,” a two-hour program hosted by New York Times technology correspondent David Pogue. To learn more about the program and watch the show, visit the Hunting the Elements program page.